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About Us and our Temporary Shelters

HTS tentiQ Government Authority specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of Temporary Rapid Deployment Shelters and Humanitarian Shelters. It is the specialist Rapid Deployment and Humanitarian Division of HTS tentiQ; a global leader and award winning manufacturer of temporary structures.

Innovation and technology are the driving forces of HTS tentiQ Government Authority, continually researching ways to achieve higher performance levels with faster easier deployment for our temporary defence shelters and humanitarian shelters.

Our latest innovation CARBON HYBRID structures achieve this and are a patented design only available on the market from HTS tentiQ Government Authority.

As a division of HTS tentiQ, HTS tentiQ Government Authority products are produced in a 64,000m² production centre in Germany.  One of the most advanced production facilities of its kind it has the capability to operate 24 hours a day and produce up to 60,000m² of complete temporary structures a week.

This level of output combined with precision manufacturing, a driving innovation ethos and meticulous quality control keeps HTS tentiQ Government Authority at the forefront of the industry.

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Emergency response to COVID-19 | rapid deployment hospital tents and field camps

Emergency response to COVID-19
rapid deployment hospital tents and field camps