Advanced Military and Humanitarian Shelters Worldwide

Fabrication de nos abris à déploiement rapide
Conception CNC de nos abris militaires et humanitaires
Hall de production de nos abris en Allemagne

Design & manufacturing – Military Camp Tents and Shelters

For decades we have been raising the benchmark in innovation, design, manufacturing, performance and deployment of  humanitarian and military camp tents and structures.

All HTS-RDS Rapid Deployment Shelters are designed and produced at our ISO 9001:2000 certified head office and production centre in Germany.

HTS-RDS design and manufacturing capabilities for the full range of military camp tents and humanitarian shelters.

  • We operate from one of the most technically advanced manufacturing centres of its kind.
  • The capacity enables a 24 hour operation with an output of up to 60,000m² of temporary structure product a week.
  • All products are researched, designed, developed, tested and manufactured in-house.
  • Components are CNC machined and hand finished for superior quality.
  • HTS-RDS offers a FREE design service for customised structures and projects.
  • Dedicated and specialist team of design engineers continually researching and innovating new advancements in performance and deployment.
  • Full compliance with military standards, country, regional and site specific standards for snow and wind loadings.
  • All Shelters and Structures pass stringent quality control procedures.

Contact us today to discuss your next military camp tents project or humanitarian project.

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