Advanced Rapid Deployment Shelters Worldwide

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Why work with us and use our portable rapid deployment shelters

Decades of research, design, engineering, testing and innovating has ensured HTS tentiQ Government Authority is one of the world’s leading providers of portable rapid deployment shelters and humanitarian shelter systems.

  • All our portable shelters and structures are fully specified and tested to give maximum performance and easy deployment in some of the most extreme environments and demanding situations.
  • Exclusive to HTS tentiQ Government Authority are the patented CARBON HYBRID shelters which create a superior level of performance combined with low volume, lightweight packaging.
  • Our shelters and structures are all designed and produced in-house at one of the largest and most technically advanced design and production facilities of its kind.
  • Our vast product range ensures a rapid deployment shelter for every kind of living or operational requirement.
  • All structures are engineered to comply with standard defence specifications and regional /site specific specifications.
  • We can provide turn-key projects and full camp solutions with all services, extras and ongoing maintenance.
  • Customising individual structures or full camp solutions is what we do best and as standard.
  • Our own in-house technical and operational teams are all specialists in Rapid Deployment Shelters. If they don’t know the answer, no one will.

Contact us today to discuss your next rapid deployment project.

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Emergency response to COVID-19 | rapid deployment hospital tents and field camps

Emergency response to COVID-19
rapid deployment hospital tents and field camps