Advanced Rapid Deployment Shelters Worldwide

Accessories and Camp Equipment

In order to ensure your rapid deployment or humanitarian shelter is customised to your exact requirements we provide a complete range of premium accessories and camp equipment.  These include sunshades, insulating liners and foil sheeting, solid walling, flooring systems, air conditioning, ventilation, heating and electrical equipment. We do also supply complete turnkey solutions which are provided with all services and equipment needed for a fully functional camp.

military camp equipment including hard walling for mess tent

ABS Solid Wall

  • Provides better insulation values to keep the warmth in during winter, and the cool in during summer
  • Robust walls for more permanent or semi-permanent structures requirements
  • Various thicknesses depending on the insulation requirements
  • Tongue & groove design for a weatherproof fit
  • Various external and internal wall finishes (flat, profiled, ribbed)
  • Used for Refugee Camps, storage warehouses
Abri avec pare-soleil


  • Designed to reduce the temperature inside the tent by keeping the direct sunlight off the outside cover
  • The sunshade forms a sandwich layer and is kept away from the outer cover so air can move freely between the sunshade and the cover to replace warm air
  • Available as a solid cover or netting
  • Can be coloured or be camouflage pattern
Système de sol pour abris

Flooring Systems

All types of flooring from simple PVC sheeting, plastic interlocking tiles through to wooden and cassette flooring PVC sheet non-slip flooring:

  • available in various sizes & thickness
  • with or without side and front upstand
  • free standing from tent or with fixings
  • various colours

Plastic inter-locking tiles:

  • small light duty tiles for use with personnel and furniture (tables, beds, chairs etc)
  • medium duty larger tiles for heavier use for maintenance such as light vehicles, workshops etc.
  • heavy duty tiles for hangars or heavy duty maintenance such as armoured tanks, helicopters and aircrafts
  • specialist flooring tiles used for drainage for flooded walkways, shower systems, with special channels for laying multiple electrical cables

Wooden or cassette flooring:

  • interlocking tongue & grooved wooden flooring in various finishes and colours
  •  laid on wooden support beams or strengthened using steel support beams
  • cassette flooring using either wooden planks laid in a frame or waterproof plywood/block-board
  • adjustable height cassette flooring to ensure a level floor no matter what the ground conditions
Toile isolante à feuilles d’alu

Foiled Backed Insulation Sheet with an Optional Cotton Trevira Inner Layer

  • inner foil backed insulation for the inside of tents with quilted cotton backing
  • in summer the foil side of the insulation faces the outer cover of the tent and reflects the heat out, while at the same time keeping cool air in
  • in winter the foil keeps the cold out and the warmth in
  • easily installed and firmly fixed using a keder on the inner profile channel
  • inner cotton trevira protects the insulation layer from dirt & can be easily removed and washed
  • trevira layer installed & removed easily & quickly using industrial grade Velcro and twist-lock plastic clips
Abri avec chauffage, ventilation, climatisation (HVAC)

Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Separate or combined heating and cooling systems available Heating:

  • electrical and oil fired heaters of various capacity
  • or all sizes of structures from emergency tents & troop shelters to full size hangers and maintenance structures
  • heater unit supplied with all relevant hoses so is positioned outside the tent preventing air contamination inside the tent
  • multiple systems able to be used in one structure
  • heating calculations available to calculate the heating system required according to the heating levels required by the customer

Air Conditioning:

  • electric cooling systems using heat exchange technology and cooling fans
  • for all sizes of structures from emergency tents & troop shelter to full size hangars and maintenance structures
  • cooling unit supplied with all relevant hoses is so positioned outside the tent, preventing air contamination inside the tent
  • air circulation system used to blow cool air in and suck cold air out
  • centrally placed inner hoses running inside the roof apex or along the sides available to ensure optical cooling
  • multiple systems able to be used in one structure
  • cooling calculations available to calculate the heating system required according to the heating levels required by the customer
  • accessories available such as thermostats
  • for large open structures such as maintenance hangars, area cooling systems available to cool work areas
Équipement électrique de tente militaire

Electrical Equipment

  • full range of internal & external lighting for small or large structures
  • distribution boxes, transformers& cables
  • military standard with IP ratings and covered connectors
  • light calculations available for lighting requirements (structures such as maintenance hangars need stronger and more direct lighting than warehouse and accommodation structures)
  • small or large generators
Installation de parquet dans abri

Working Tools

  • full range of mechanical and/or manual installation tools available for set-up & build-down
  • set-up and installation service available for all structures
Remorque pour le transport des abris

Transport Racks, Trailers & Containers

  • all structures available for either pallet, rack or container transportation
  • structures designed to fit into 20’ or 40’ ISO containers
  • packed to specific customer requirements when requested
  • bar coding for all parts optionally available
  • specialist kitchen, toilet, laundry, medical and generator containers available
Solution complète de camp militaire

Complete Camp Solution

  • complete turnkey solutions available for mobile, semi-permanent or permanent use
  • various level of service available ranging from complete installation including foundations and infrastructure to just structure build-up
  • camp design to customer requirements depending on size, geographical location and usage
  • military, refugee or emergency camp solutions available
  • full maintenance service available
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