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Mobiler Flugzeug-Wartungshangar aus Alu/Carbon

Aircraft Maintenance Hangar

Structure:            Aircraft maintenance hangar

Width:                   20.00m

Length:                  30.00m

Side Height:        4.20m

Roof type:             A-Frame. Industrial grade PVC cover


Our client required an aircraft maintenance hangar for aircraft and large vehicles. The existing structures they were using were old and needed updating so they were looking for a more advanced type of system. The new hangar needed to be relocatable but also strong enough to withstand the particularly high snow and wind loads associated with the location and climate.


HTS tentiQ Government Authority created a bespoke building that combined a standard aluminium frame with the advanced Carbon Profiles; which feature in the unique and fully patented Carbon-Hybrid range. The Carbon Profiles were used for the outer wind bracings which created considerably more strength and a higher tolerance to extreme weather:

  • Wind loads: 100 km/h
  • Snow loads: 100 kg/sqm

The installation took just 2 days.


By using the advanced Carbon Profile technology unique to HTS tentiQ Government Authority, a bespoke aircraft maintenance hangar has been designed that is much stronger than a standard aluminium framed hangar. And, despite the substantial increase in strength, the Carbon Profiles did not have any significant impact on the weight, size or transport volume. It’s these key advantages of the Carbon-Hybrid system – stronger, lighter, smaller, faster – that are creating much interest within military organisations the world over. More and more clients are learning about this new, ground-breaking technology and contacting HTS tentiQ Government Authority to learn how it can benefit them.

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