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CARBON HYBRID Aircraft Hangar

Structure:             CARBON HYBRID Aircraft Hangar
Width:                    25.00m
Length                    42.80m
Side height:          4.50m
Roof type:             A-Frame


The client was looking for a mobile aircraft hangar for an NATO-Member. The structure needed to be suitable for the storage and maintenance of aircraft and drones and easy to package and transport by land, air or sea. They were particularly interested in a system that could combine high quality and fast deployment with advanced technology and design


HTS tentiQ Government Authority were chosen because they are the only company who can design, manufacture and supply the fully patented CARBON HYBRID hangars and other shelter systems for the military worldwide. The HTS tentiQ Government Authority CARBON HYBRID Aircraft Hangars are superior in strength to a standard Aircraft Hangar but also lighter, making them easier and quicker to package, transport and set up. This pioneering technology has brought a whole new meaning to Rapid Deployment for the defence and humanitarian sectors.


The hangar is a unique combination of the highest quality and advanced technology available on the market today. It can be transported in a 20 ft. container via airfreight, sea or land and is very fast and easy to set up. For this project, the Hangar features a unique 25.00m automatic ‘Eyelid door’, designed to allow easy access and storage for aircrafts with high tailfins. It also includes electrics and a lighting system with distribution box.

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