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Troop Shelter Demonstrates Exceptional Durability and Deployment Qualities

Structure:            TRZ Military Troop Shelter

Width:                   6.00m

Length:                  6.00m

Side Height:        2.30m

Roof type:            PVC ground to ground covers



A customer, based in Africa, required demonstrations of various product ranges in order to award a specific project to HTS tentiQ Government Authority. Included in these demonstrations was the TRZ Troop Shelter Range. The demonstration of the Troop shelter included an assessment of how easy and quick the set-up was by a team of 11 soldiers. The soldiers were going to report their findings to the General at the end of the day.


The TRZ Troop Shelter supplied for the assessment was the following specification:

  • 6.00m wide by 6,00m long with a 2.30m side height
  • Roof was a ground to ground PVC cover
  • Bay width 3.00m
  • Ridge height 3.30m
  • Roof Pitch 18 ͦ
  • Wind speed loading 100 km/h

Although this troop shelter was being assessed for demonstration purposes only, it is an exceptional example of a 6-person deployable tent system that can be set up in a few hours but used on a semi-permanent basis. On these criteria and other essential requirements the shelter passed the inspection with flying colours and the team of soldiers provided an extremely favorable report to their General. The response and interest in this tent system for future requirements by the customer was much more than expected by everyone involved. So much so that the customer has decided to leave the shelter in-situ for the next 6 weeks so other branches of their military can view it on display. The key characteristics of the TRZ product range that raised so much interest included:

  • The system can used in all climates ranging from -40⁰C to +70⁰C and up to 100 km/h wind speed.
  • A 25 kg/m² snow load can be achieved depending on bay widths.
  • Shelters can be packaged for transport in a 20′ container and set up in around 20 minutes by a 4 man team – depending on size and specification.
  • Standard and customised sizes and configurations are available from 5.50m width up to 70.00m width.


The set-up demonstration and assessment of this troop shelter enabled the customer to see first-hand the excellent durability of the system combined with the easy deployment and installation properties. For future projects where they need a Troop Shelter on a long-term basis that can cope with harsh climates or environments, they now have the perfect product fully assessed and lined-up.

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