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Multipurpose military field tent

Structure:            Multipurpose Field Tent

Width:                   10.00m

Length:                  30.00m

Side Height:        2.30m

Roof type:            PVC ground to ground covers



A European client needed a multipurpose military field tent that could tolerate heavy snow loads and could be deployed anywhere in the world for year-round use.

As well as the weather resistance the tent needed to be suitable for multipurpose use including accommodation, meetings, kitchen and canteen space or even vehicle maintenance.


HTS tentiQ Government Authority were able to easily facilitate this requirement by customising their standard multipurpose military tent. A larger frame profile that could withstand the higher wind speeds and heavy snow loads was manufactured using the company’s expert in-house technical design, engineering and production teams.

The final tent supplied was to the following specification:

  • A larger engineered frame profile of 230mm x 91mm
  • Tested to easily withstand a 75kg/m² snow loading and 100km/h wind speed
  • 10.00m wide by 30.00m long and a 2.20m wall height
  • 3.00m bay width
  • All parts fitting into a 20′ container
  • Easy to demount and ship to anywhere in the world and re-install


The customer now has a large mobile military tent that meets their requirements perfectly with the following features:

  • The larger space is simple to adapt for multiple uses including living, sleeping, dining, office or recreational space and vehicle maintenance if required.
  • It easy to dismantle and relocate globally.
  • The larger frame size means the tent’s structural integrity is suitable for year-round use in most climates and environments.
  • The HTS tentiQ Government Authority in-house customisation capabilities and flexible approach meant they were easily able to adapt a standard product to precisely match the specific requirements of this project.
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