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Abri temporaire militaire HTS tentiQ

Relocatable vehicle maintenance shelter

Structure:           Maintenance Shelter

Width:                  16.00m

Length:                 22.50m

Side height:        4.10m

Roof type:           A-Frame 30° pitch


The defence division of a top European country needed to source new vehicle maintenance shelters that could help reduce their budget and be fast and easy to deploy worldwide. The shelter needed to be a suitable mobile workshop and storage area for vehicles including tanks, trucks and special vehicles. Having previous experience of HTS tentiQ Government Authority and their ability to customise based on individual customer and project requirements, the client turned to them once again for a bespoke but cost-effective solution.


A shelter was provided from the HTS tentiQ Government Authority ‘IZ Vehicle Maintenance Range’. Designed specifically for mobile vehicle and aircraft maintenance and storage these unique shelters are easy to deploy in one 20ft container, quick to install and can be used in the harshest of climates and environments tolerating up to 100 km/h wind speed and 100 kg/m² of snow load. This particular shelter was supplied measuring 16.00m wide by 22.50m long and with a side height of 4.10m. The roof was a traditional A-Frame with a single skin industrial grade PVC roof covering.


The client is now able to deploy their vehicle maintenance shelter easily and quickly around the world with the confidence that it will perform the job needed in adverse climates and environments.

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