Advanced Rapid Deployment Shelters Worldwide

Deployable shelters – additional services

Critical to the successful delivery of our deployable shelters is a comprehensive service offering that is delivered by our world class installation crews, technicians and project managers. We offer the following as standard:  Global Installation in all environments and terrains, Complete Turnkey Solutions for military and humanitarian camps, full Project Management and a choice of ongoing Maintenance Packages.

deployable shelters project management team

Project Management

The HTS tentiQ Government Authority team are experts in providing the right deployable shelters for the right price at the right time. Working closely with you on your individual shelter or complete field camp requirements and objectives, your dedicated project manager will advise on suitable structures, camp design and layout, customisation options, deployment methods, services, additional equipment, plus full project management and scheduling.

HTS tentiQ Government Authority will manage your project completely until it is fully operational, keeping to budget and timescales throughout. We can also go beyond this with a full or ad-hoc maintenance service if required.

deployable shelters suitable for all terrains and environments

Global Installation

Our in-house top qualified technical crews and project management teams are available for fast global deployment to fully manage and advise on any deployable shelters project in any corner of the world.

Rapid global deployment is a pivotal part of our overall product and service offering. Our efficient global deployment begins with a program of continuous product development to ensure all products combine maximum performance with minimum packaging volumes and easy fast installation.

Our recent innovation from this process has been the CARBON HYBRID range that is the optimum in performance and fast deployment.

complete field camp consisting of multiple deployable shelters

Turnkey Solutions

HTS tentiQ Government Authority products and services are customised for deployable shelters project and site whether it’s a complete field camp or a customised individual shelter system.

Most of our shelters are multi-purpose meaning they can be used for many different types of living or working spaces and they can all be engineered to meet site specific snow and wind loadings and any other specifics created by project, climate or environmental factors. This means we have the ability to design and provide complete field camp solutions for the safeguarding and security of personnel and equipment including accommodation, office space, mess tents, field hospitals, classrooms, workshop and maintenance space, aircraft hangars, and command posts.

Any additional services and equipment can also be provide such as lighting, power, waste management, HVAC, electrics, fixtures, fittings, furniture and much more.

full maintenance for all deployable shelters


General maintenance of our deployable shelters and camps would include repair or replacement of frames, parts and covers plus regular maintenance or repair of containerized systems such as generators, utility containers etc. We offer either a maintenance contract or can respond to ad hoc customer requests. Full regular maintenance contracts would include:

  • The HTS tentiQ Government Authority Maintenance team carrying out regular service inspections (half yearly or yearly) and reporting on areas requiring attention
  • Cost proposal sent
  • Maintenance carried out on site or at the factory

Ad hoc requests would include the following:

  • Customer report of a maintenance requirement
  • HTS tentiQ Government Authority make a site inspection or requests photos
  • Cost proposal sent
  • Maintenance carried out on-site or at the factory
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Emergency response to COVID-19
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