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Accommodation Shelters and Emergency Shelters

HTS-RDS Accommodation Shelters are strong, reliable and affordable Emergency Shelters that are fast and simple to install and very adaptable to multiple applications, including living and sleeping areas, offices, dining halls, triage areas and more.

Designed to comply with standard humanitarian specifications and adaptable to country specific standards, the HTS-RDS Accommodation Shelter retains superior performance in temperatures between -40° to +70°C, wind speeds up to 100 km/h and snow loads up to 25 kg/m², depending on bay width.

Sizes range from 5.50m – 10.00m width, unlimited length and a 2.30m side height with adjustable leg, meaning the tent can remain level on uneven ground. Larger (up to 70.00m width) and bespoke designs are provided as standard.

These Emergency Shelters and Tents can be transported in a 20 ft. container and set-up in around 20 minutes by a 4 man crew, depending on size and configuration.

For a full technical specification and to download a product datasheet, click on one of the options below.

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 WidthMinimum LengthBay Distance /
Extension bay
Side HeightPeak HeightWind loadSnow loadCapacitySetup timeWeight 
View 5.50m7.50m2.50m2.20m2.98m100 km/h25 kg/m²12 beds1 hourOn request View
6.00m10.00m5.00m2.30m3.28m80 km/h0 kg/m²18 beds1 hourOn request
View 6.00m9.00m3.00m2.30m3.05m100 km/h25 kg/m²12 beds1 hourOn request View
8.00m10.00m5.00m2.30m3.60m80 km/h0 kg/m²18 beds1.5 hoursOn request
View 8.00m9.00m3.00m2.30m3.74m80 km/h0 kg/m²18 beds1.5 hoursOn request View
10.00m10.00m5.00m2.30m3.93m80 km/h0 kg/m²24 beds2 hoursOn request
View 10.00m9.00m3.00m2.30m4.11m80 km/h0 kg/m²24 beds2 hoursOn request View

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