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Inflatable Shelters

HTS-RDS Inflatable Shelters are extremely quick to set up, taking 1 or 2 people about 5 minutes, depending on tent size and configuration.

These shelters are very versatile and can adapt to multiple sizes, configurations and applications such as accommodation, living areas, meeting rooms, medical tents, general weather protection or maintenance areas.

Designed to meet standard humanitarian specifications and adaptable to country specific requirements the HTS-RDS Inflatable Shelters are ideal for full camps projects.

The tent size comes in a 5.65m width, variable length up to 20.80m and 2.80m wall height. The design allows for multiple use, size and configuration.

A standard inflatable shelter can be transported on 1 palette.

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 WidthMinimum LengthBay Distance /
Extension bay
Side HeightPeak HeightWind loadSnow loadCapacitySetup timeWeight 
View 5.65m5.28m2.64m2.80m3.00m80 km/h25 kg/m²4 beds3 min176 kg View
View 5.65m7.92m2.64m2.80m3.00m80 km/h25 kg/m²6 beds5 min225 kg View
View 5.65m10.56m2.64m2.80m3.00m80 km/h25 kg/m²8 beds7 min275 kg View
View 5.65m13.20m2.64m2.80m3.00m80 km/h25 kg/m²10 beds9 min327 kg View

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