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Field Camps

HTS tentiQ Government Authority can design and supply complete turnkey field camp on a mobile, semi-permanent or permanent basis. These include a full range of living and working shelters, full set up, groundworks, if required, installation crews, project management teams, ongoing maintenance and all additional facilities and services.

Our field camps can include all living and working areas needed, including accommodation, office space, mess tents, field hospitals, classrooms, workshop- and maintenance space, aircraft hangars, and command posts.

All services needed will be supplied and fitted as required including lighting, power, waste management, electrics, kitchen facilities, fixtures, fittings and temperature control.

Our full range of shelter systems are suitable for all types of camps and available in standard off-the-shelf sizes or bespoke larger sizes and customised designs.

For this highly specialised area we have fully qualified installation crews and project management teams, ready for deployment worldwide to manage and advise on field camp projects.

Contact us today to discuss your field camp project requirements.

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Emergency response to COVID-19 | rapid deployment hospital tents and field camps

Emergency response to COVID-19
rapid deployment hospital tents and field camps