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Military P-Shelter

HTS-RDS Military P-Shelters are designed for quick, cost-effective deployment. The simplicity of the design and installation method means they are adaptable to just about any situation where quick and easy set-up without tools is needed.

The Emergency Military P-Shelters conform to standard military specifications which can be adapted to specific country, region and climate requirements.

Shelters can be provided in a selection of sizes, covering areas between 23.75 m² up to 70.80 m². Custom built and larger units are available as a part of our standard product range.

The largest standard Emergency Military P-Shelter can be packaged and transported in a bundle weighing a maximum of 165.00kg. A medium average sized shelter would take around fifteen minutes to build with a team of 3 people.

For a full technical specification and to download a product datasheet, click on one of the options below.

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 WidthMinimum LengthBay Distance /
Extension bay
Side HeightPeak HeightWind loadSnow loadCapacitySetup timeWeight 
View 4.75m5.00m2.50m1.70m2.50m60 km/h0 kg/m²6 beds10 min77.00 kg View
View 5.65m6.00m2.00m1.70m2.70m60 km/h0 kg/m²10 beds15 min95.00 kg View
View 5.65m8.00m2.00m1.70m2.70m60 km/h0 kg/m²12 beds20 min114.00 kg View
View 5.65m10.00m2.00m1.70m2.70m60 km/h0 kg/m²16 beds20 min133.00 kg View
View 5.90m4.00m2.00m1.90m2.90m60 km/h0 kg/m²6 beds10 min83.00 kg View
View 5.90m6.00m2.00m1.90m2.90m60 km/h0 kg/m²10 beds15 min98.00 kg View
View 5.90m8.00m2.00m1.90m2.90m60 km/h0 kg/m²12 beds20 min120.00 kg View
View 5.90m10.00m2.00m1.90m2.90m60 km/h0 kg/m²16 beds20 min139.00 kg View
View 5.90m12.00m2.00m1.90m2.90m60 km/h0 kg/m²20 beds20 min172.00 kg View

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